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Give confidence. Give connection. Give ballroom dance.

Your gift provides free ballroom dance instruction for people with neurodegenerative conditions.

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"I have two left feet."

John shook his head.

A Parkinson's patient for almost 7 years, John's balance was becoming progressively worse as his wife begged him to consider the Rx Ballroom Dance program.

"It will be good for us!" Maggie chirped.

John scowled. His negativity growing as she promised they would show up to the next lesson together.

John begrudgingly came to an Rx Ballroom Class with Maggie the following week. During the warmup he sat silently. But Maggie helped him up in time for the Tango. He took dance position and followed along to the basic Tango steps.

T-A-N-G-O. Within just a few minutes, John was dancing. He couldn't believe it. He smiled. Maggie was shocked. Excited she exclaimed to anyone who would listen:

"John is smiling! John is happy!"

John continued to show up. Class after class, dance after dance. He gained confidence. He gained balance. He gained a connection to others no one had seen in a long time.

The rumba began to chip away at his hardened negativity. The waltz helped John chose hope.

Your donation changes the lives of couples like John and Maggie every day. It gives patients a new outlook. It gives caretakers support. It brings life changing ballroom dance classes to our loved ones who need it the most.

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